The news mentions listed below show just some of the reasons why we must #dumpcoghlan.

The Ben Joravsky Show - With Aaron Sutherland and Maria Hernandez

8/7/18 - Black Lives Matter-Chicago leader Maria Hernandez discusses Chicago violence and how judges like Coghlan are blocking police accountability

"Police giving out popcorn isn't going to make up for the fact that when things go horribly wrong, it's allowed. You've got judges like Judge Coghlan who, as an attorney forced false testimony, has shielded police who had killed kids and brutalized women... He gives police probation but puts people in prison for having a bag of weed"

Cook County judge denies claim that, as prosecutor, he framed 2 murder suspects

8/5/18 - Judge Coghlan denies framing innocent murder suspects, but his lies don't quite add up

“Vicente told @MedillJustice that Coghlan & Dillon were “sitting there listening” as Guevara fed Vicente a false story. He said Coghlan and Dillon wrote down his statement, and Guevara and Halvorsen coached him on what to say.”

Cop gets 3 years for fatal DUI hit-run


3/7/12 - Coghlan gives 3 years to cop who killed 13-year old in a hit & run drunk driving incident, says child contributed to his own death

"The judge said Trenton's own "recklessness" contributed to his death"

Veteran Chicago cop guilty in fatal DUI

1/18/12 - Jury finds cop guilty of killing 13-year-old while drunk driving, also fleeing the scene. He received preferential treatment from cops

"Bolling, a 17-year police veteran, faces up to 15 years in prison, but he could also receive probation." [NOTE: He only gave him 3 years, see below]

Former Skokie Cop Gets Probation For Shoving Woman In Cell

In addition to probation, Cook County Judge Matthew Coghlan on Wednesday ordered Hart to pay $674 in fines, according to court records.

A former Skokie Police officer was sentenced to two of years probation Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to official misconduct for shoving a woman in the lockup at the north suburb’s police station, causing severe injury to her face, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

2 men released after 1993 murder charges dropped: 'It's been a lot of pain'

"You hear so many cases, particularly here in Cook County, about ... (wrongful convictions) ... that you begin to accept it as just a problem with the criminal justice system. And it's not something that we should accept. It's not something that we should become numb to.

"In 2009, Juan Johnson won a $21 million verdict in his wrongful conviction lawsuit against Guevara... The former detective has since invoked the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when questioned about other murder convictions in court"

"These are all human beings with families, and every single wrongful conviction needs to be resolved and reversed," Bonjean said. "We need to get on with the business of cleaning up the mess that Guevara made."

Wrongfully convicted, Armando Serrano arrives home after 23 years in prison

As judge seeks retention, wrongful-conviction allegations raises questions

Two men exonerated after 23 years in custody claim Cook County Circuit Judge Matthew Coghlan took part in framing them for murder

The informant eventually recanted, saying prosecutors and police had worked together to prepare a story they knew to be false. And one of the key players involved was Coghlan, who in a previous job as a gang prosecutor had worked with Guevara, whose misconduct has led to 18 exonerations of falsely convicted people.

As a judge, Coghlan mishandled the post-conviction petition of a man convicted of murder, refusing to grant the man a hearing and then, after the judge’s decision was reversed by a higher court, refusing to do so a second time.

Coghlan generally imposes sentences harsher than the median sentence 39 percent of the time, ... Coghlan’s sentences exceeded the median 41 percent of the time for black defendants

2nd lawsuit alleges concealed evidence and coercion to win murder conviction

For the second time this year, a controversial retired Chicago police detective and two former prosecutors — one of whom is now a Cook County judge [judge Matthew Coghlan]— have been accused in a lawsuit of colluding to frame an innocent man for murder.

The suit, filed Monday, alleges that retired Detective Reynaldo Guevara along with former Cook County Assistant State's Attorneys John Dillon and Matthew Coghlan concealed evidence and coerced witnesses to obtain Jose Montanez's conviction for a 1993 murder.

New wrongful-conviction suits could cost Chicago as it tries to move past era of police coercion

Chicago has already paid out well over $670 million in police misconduct cases in the last 15 years, but that expenditure could skyrocket due to current and future lawsuits...

“What you have is years and years of systematic corruption that was just ignored and swept under the rug by the CPD and the city that they are having to answer for now,” Tepfer said.

Since last fall, the drug convictions of nearly three dozen men, ...., have been thrown out.

A Chicago Cop Is Accused Of Framing 51 People For Murder. Now, The Fight For Justice.

This is the story not merely of one allegedly rogue cop, but of a massive breakdown of almost every safeguard in Chicago’s criminal justice system.

Chicago’s police brass, its prosecutors, its judges, police oversight commissions, and even federal authorities had ample warnings about Guevara, numerous chances to make amends for the injustices he stands accused of committing and to stop him from perpetrating more. They didn’t [Chicago’s police brass,... its JUDGES,... had ample warnings about Guevara, numerous chances to make amends for the injustices he stands accused of committing and to stop him from perpetrating more. They didn’t.

In Chicago, which has been called the “false conviction capital” of the United States, the police department stood behind Guevara, promoting him.... So did judges, who turned a deaf ear to people who swore in open court that Guevara had beaten them or coerced their confessions or testimony.

Chicago Faces A New Lawsuit Over Cop Accused Of Framing 51 People

A man who served 23 years in prison for a murder he did not commit has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against notorious retired Chicago Police detective Reynaldo Guevara, as well as the city of Chicago and a sitting Cook County Criminal Court judge.[coghlan]

Judge Matthew Coghlan, then a prosecutor on his case, conspired with Guevara to “conceal and fabricate evidence, manipulate witness testimony, and maliciously prosecute” Serrano for the February 1993 shooting death of a factory worker.

When asked about allegations of framing in legal proceedings, [Guevara] has repeatedly asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.
'When people wonder why [Chicago] is the wrongful conviction capital, it’s not just the rogue officers,” [Jennifer Bonjean] said. “It’s their partners. It's the prosecutors who rise to the bench. And then it’s the judges...”

Prosecutors Revisit ‘94 Murder Conviction

Chicago’s municipal government has already paid nearly $20 million to investigate, defend and settle Guevara-related misconduct claims, records show.

Tables Turned at Wrongful Conviction Hearing

[Counsel] had alleged in court pleadings that assistant state’s attorney Matthew Coghlan “suborned perjured testimony” at the trial.

Wrongful Conviction Costs Keep Climbing

"The high cost of wrongful convictions in Illinois continues to climb with tens of millions more being added to the $214 million in taxpayer-backed settlements and costs previously disclosed in a mid-2011 Better Government Association investigation."

Will Chicago Prosecutors let Guevara's Defendants Go?

Serrano and his codefendant Montanez’s convictions were overturned in 2016 after the appellate court found “profoundly alarming acts of misconduct” in the case.